Cobalt- Chromium sirolimus eluting coronary

The stent is made of cobalt chromium alloy (L605) and is coated with iCarbofilm™, a thin carbon film with a high-density turbostratic structure substantially identical with that of the pyrolitic carbon used for mechanical cardiac valve discs. Coating the substrate with iCarbofilm™ provides it with the bio- and haemocompatible characteristics proper to pyrolytic
carbon, without affecting the physical and structural properties of the substrate itself. The outer surface of the stent has dedicated grooves, fully coated with iCarbofilm™, for containing the pharmaceutical formulation Amphilimus™, which is composed of the drug Sirolimus and a mixture of long-chain fatty acids.

Two radio-opaque platinum markers at either end of the stent enable accurate positioning on the lesion to be treated.

Innovative stent system


Innovative stent architecture designed to ensure efficient drug concentration in the vessel wall, including complex coronary anatomies and pathologies such as those of diabetic patients. The new flexible cell design with reduced pitch results in excellent flexibility, excellent deliverability and optimal conformability.

Technical Data overwiew


Polymer-free coronary stent:

  • Abluminal reservoirs with release of active principle
  • L605 Cobalt-Chrome
  • Platform Mesh thickness: 70-80 µm
  • Two platinum markers at each end
  • No stent shortening during deployment


Active ingredient:

  • Amphilimus ™: Sirolimus + organic acids
  • Passive coating: Carbofilm ™ (Bioinductive surface – pure carbon)


Installation system:

  • Recommended guide catheter: 5F
  • Recommended guide diameter: 0.014 ”
  • Nominal pressure: 9 ATM
  • Burst pressure: 18 ATM
  • Average burst pressure: 24 ATM

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